In a perfect world, nobody would get divorced. However, if divorce were to happen in a perfect world, it would happen quickly, easily, and the process would certainly not include any pain or stress. Unfortunately, though, this is the real world, and in the real world, divorce is often a painful, stressful process that can be drawn out and is rarely ever easy.

The Weight of Divorce

 Divorce typically weighs heavily on everyone involved, including the husband, the wife, the children, and anyone else who is involved in the daily lives of the people getting divorced. The weight of divorce includes the stress that everyone involved feels, as well as the pain and emotional suffering that typically comes along with divorce. There is also despair, heartbreak, and the fear of losing everything that one has worked for, both in the relationship arena, as well as property. This amount of emotional weight can feel physical and it can make everyone in the situation feel like breaking down.


 If there was such thing as a “good divorce,” it would definitely include divorce mediation. A key aspect of mediation is communication, one of the main reasons why mediation seems to work so well. Often, communication between two spouses who are divorcing has dwindled down to little to none. Some couples actually discover during their meditation session how to communicate with each other honestly, openly, and fairly. In effect, there are couples who realize that all they needed in their marriage was better communication. Sadly, those couples are only a small fraction of those getting divorced.

Still Much Better 

Those who do not realize that communication could save their marriage hopefully walk away with a better feeling about the divorce after “talking it out.” As it is, meditation is not as daunting as showing up and battling it out in a court proceeding. It is also a much easier process, and helps both spouses come up with solutions that are fair and reasonable for both sides. Therefore, meditation is much less destructive than fighting in court.

Better for Children

While meditation is better for the adults, it is also better for the children involved. Many children think that the divorce is their fault. Divorce can also create fear and confusion in children. When the couple goes through mediation, they come out better equipped to deal with their children and the questions, concerns, and feelings that are related to the divorce.

Powerful Tool

Mediation is a powerful tool during divorces. It may not change the end result, but it can change the circumstances, the pain and suffering, and the weight of the divorce for everyone involved. It is a healthier way of dealing with the inevitable and it encourages both sides to play fair, as well as to think about the other people involved in the situation and how the divorce is going to affect them.

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