I can’t tell you how many personal injury lawsuits are never presented to a court because the injured party didn’t have a driver’s license. While it is against the law to drive without a license in the state of Texas, and you may incur some fines during the process of the case, you are not barred from seeking a settlement if you were not at fault in this situation.

One fear is that you will be automatically considered at fault because you didn’t have a license. Maybe you fear that the courts will say “You must have been at fault because we have no proof that you know how to drive.” However, that’s not the case. Unlicensed drivers who are very clearly not in fault are not held liable for the accident, and can still be awarded personal injury settlements.

To navigate this situation correctly, having an experienced personal injury attorney on your side can help. Contact me today for more information on what fines you may face for driving unlicensed, and how to present a water-tight case to show that you weren’t liable.