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How Do I Find Out If There Is a Warrant Issued for My Arrest?

In many cases, a person does not know about a warrant until they are pulled over for a traffic violation and the officer runs their ID through the system. Why Might You Have a Warrant [...]

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What Is the Difference between Probation and Parole?

In the world of criminal law, there are two ways that jail or prison time can be reduced or even avoided completely. These are probation and parole. However, while they are similar concepts, they are [...]

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What Will Happen On My First Court Setting In A Criminal Case?

The first court setting that a Defendant attends with an attorney is usually uneventful. The attorney and the client will check-in with the court staff to let them know they are there. The Defendant will [...]

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What’s The Difference Between Concurrent And Consecutive Sentences?

Sometimes Defendants have more than one case pending. If the Defendant decides to plead guilty to all of the cases it is important to know whether the cases will run concurrent or consecutively. If multiple [...]

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How to Prepare for First Meeting with Your Criminal Defense Attorney

Being arrested or otherwise getting involved with the police can be a stressful, frightening, and (often) humbling experience. Whether it’s your first encounter or fifth, each incident is unique and should be treated seriously. The [...]

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