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Welcome to The Blacknall Firm, your trusted Divorce Lawyer in Plano, Texas. We specialize in providing comprehensive legal representation for clients navigating divorce and family law matters in Collin, Dallas, Denton, and Rockwall County. Our commitment is to understand and address the unique needs of each client, offering personalized solutions and strategic advocacy.

Experienced Divorce and Child Custody Attorneys Serving Collin, Dallas, Denton, and Rockwall County

Our team of seasoned attorneys brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every case. We understand the emotional challenges and legal complexities that come with divorce and child custody disputes. Our attorneys are skilled in negotiation and litigation, striving to protect your rights and achieve an outcome that serves the best interests of you and your family.

Comprehensive Family Law Services

At The Blacknall Firm, we offer a wide range of family law services. Beyond handling divorce cases, we also deal with issues related to child custody, visitation rights, child support, and enforcement of custody orders. Additionally, we assist with property division, spousal support, and post-divorce modifications. Our goal is to provide a one-stop solution for all your family law needs.

Your Trusted Legal Partner in Collin, Dallas, Denton, and Rockwall County

The Blacknall Firm is more than just a law firm; we are your trusted partners in navigating the complexities of divorce and family law. We believe in maintaining open communication, keeping you informed about the progress of your case, and providing you with the resources you need to make informed decisions.

Convenient Virtual Consultations

While our office is physically located in Plano, Texas, near Baccus Park and Haggar Park, we offer virtual consultations via Zoom. This allows us to serve clients across Collin, Dallas, Denton, and Rockwall County, providing them with the same high-quality legal advice and representation that they would receive in person.

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Facing a divorce or a family law dispute can be daunting. At The Blacknall Firm, we are here to help. Our attorneys are dedicated to providing you with the legal support and guidance you need during this challenging time. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the legallandscape of divorce and family law can raise many questions. Our Frequently Asked Questions section is designed to provide you with clear, concise answers to common queries. From understanding the divorce process to knowing your rights in a child custody dispute, we aim to provide you with the information you need to feel informed and empowered throughout your legal journey.

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Blacknall Firm Articles

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein.

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What Factors Do Texas Courts Consider When Determining Geographic Restrictions in Child Custody Cases?

By |June 18th, 2024|Categories: Child Custody|

When parents in Texas face child custody disputes, one critical issue often arises: geographic restrictions. These restrictions determine where a child can live and are essential in ensuring the child's [...]

Can a Parent with a History of Abuse Be Appointed as a Joint Managing Conservator in Texas?

By |June 11th, 2024|Categories: Child Custody|

No. In Texas, a parent with a history of abuse cannot be appointed as a joint managing conservator. The appointment of joint managing conservators is strictly regulated by law. Criteria [...]

Is you Notice of Contempt Sufficient in Your Texas Child Custody Case?

By |June 2nd, 2024|Categories: Child Custody, Divorce|

Contempt proceedings are quasi-criminal. This means the accused is entitled to procedural due process throughout the proceedings. "In re Roisman, 651 S.W.3d 419, 434 (Tex. App.—Houston [1st Dist.] 2022, orig. [...]

Why Choose The Blacknall Firm?

You simply cannot afford to take chances when it comes to your future and the future of your children.  At The Blacknall Firm, we offer immense expertise and understanding. Our team has decades of experience in divorce and child custody matters.  Protecting your children and doing what is in their best interest is the most natural thing that a parent can do.  But, sometimes the other parent just will not cooperate and you have to use the court system to help you with protecting what matters to you and doing what is in the best interest of your children. We aggressively pursue all options for you in your divorce and child custody matters. We use every tool available to help you maximize your results related to the things most important to you.

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