How to Handle Stress and Anxiety during Your Divorce

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Divorce is rarely simple or easy. In fact, it’s often complicated, messy, and filled with challenges. For most people, it’s the single most stressful event they’ll ever go through. While there is no way to take the stress and anxiety out of divorce, there are ways that you can handle those emotions and prevent them from [...]

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Types of Parental Rights in Texas

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Today we've discussed Types of Parental Rights in Texas in our post. If you are in the process of a divorce, you may feel confused regarding your options for parental rights regarding your children. Understanding how parenting rights work in the legal system can be challenging and legally complex. The following is a brief guide to [...]

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Contested vs Uncontested Divorces

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Today we've discussed Contested vs Uncontested Divorces in our post. Divorces are not always adversarial, bitter battles. In some cases, marriages are ended and many of the decisions are mutually agreed upon by both spouses. While marriage can be ended by one spouse, the decision to have either a contested or an uncontested divorce has to be [...]

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Divorce Mediation Process

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Divorces are not always completely adversarial and antagonistic battles. In some cases, two people agree on many important and significant parts of the divorce, but may still have a few major issues outstanding. If this is the case, then the divorce mediation process may be an option for your particular circumstances. Understanding Divorce Mediation Divorce mediation [...]

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Understanding The “Best Interest of the Child” Standard

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The barometer by which a court makes decisions regarding child support, child custody, and child visitation matters typically revolves around a legal construct known as the “best interest of the child”. As a parent, you may feel that you have your child’s best interest in mind at all times. However, when there are disagreements between you [...]

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