Our Purpose Is to Protect Your Rights and Preserve Your Future!

At The Law Offices of Sharita Blacknall, PC, we take pride in serving our clients with a wide range of essential solutions and services designed to protect their rights  and preserve their futures.  Maximizing results when your  familial interest is at stake is a responsibility that we take very seriously . We help people.  We get results. Period!

Meet Sharita Blacknall

Sharita Blacknall
Sharita BlacknallDivorce and Child Custody Attorney. Founder and Chief Legal Strategist.
I am the founder and chief legal strategist of The Blacknall Firm.

I have almost 2 decades of experience representing small business owners and professionals such as teachers, nurses, lawyers, IT specialists, and insurance professionals in the courtroom, negotiating and running a law firm.

I have put together a team of rock star lawyers and paralegals that are dedicated to providing great legal service.

My team and I are skilled in helping clients articulate their goals, preparing a plan, and executing that plan.

My passion does not end at the courtroom door. I have worked tirelessly as a volunteer and organizer for organizations and non-profits such as:

J.L. Turner Association
Attorneys Serving the Community
Dallas Trial Lawyers Association
Rae’s Hope
Rockwall Breakfast Rotary Club-President
Rockwall Girls and Boys Club Board Member
Pipeline2Possibilities-Guest Instructor
Toast Masters
Empowerment Program-Mentor
Dallas Bar Association Community Involvement Committee
Dallas Bar Association Law In The Schools and Community Committee
Site Based Decision Making Board Longfellow Career Exploration Academy

I am a member of the following Bar Associations:

Dallas Bar Association

I admitted to practice in:

United States Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit
United States Court-Northern District of Texas
Texas Bar

But, life for me is not all about work. I have three children: two girls, and one boy; three grandchildren, a dog, and a husband that I met in high school who has been with me every step of the way.