As a Texas divorce and child custody attorney, I often get asked about the rights of fathers in regards to overnight visits with their breastfeeding children. The short answer is that it is possible for a father to get overnight visits with a breastfeeding child, but it ultimately comes down to the discretion of the court.

In these cases, it is important to consider the age of the child, their health, temperament, and the ability of the parents to co-parent. If the mother is opposed to the idea of overnight visits, she may need to provide evidence to the court that it is not in the best interest of the child for her to pump breast milk and send it in a bottle with the child overnight.

It is also worth noting that these cases can be quite controversial and fact-specific. In order to avoid conflict, it is often helpful for the parents to try to come to an agreement on a visitation schedule that starts with shorter visits and gradually increases in length over time. This way, the father can build up a bond with the child and the child can become more comfortable with overnight visits.

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