How to Prepare for First Meeting with Your Criminal Defense Attorney

Being arrested or otherwise getting involved with the police can be a stressful, frightening, and (often) humbling experience. Whether it’s your first encounter or fifth, each incident is unique and should be treated seriously. The [...]

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A DWI conviction is one of the most expensive offenses that a person can be charged with.  One of the things that makes it so expensive is the fact that the Texas Department of Public Safety [...]

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Are There Advantages To Being Sentenced To Jail Instead of Probation for A DWI

  If you and your attorney have analyzed your case and determined that it is not one that is suitable for pleading not guilty and going to trial then you must next start thinking about punishment [...]

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Help! My Bond Is Too High!

If a person is arrested and the bond is set too high, it is possible to have that bond lowered by hiring an attorney to get a bond reduction. The attorney will need to do [...]

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Car Passenger Charged With Possession Of Controlled Substance With Intent To Deliver

If you are a passenger in a vehicle that is stopped for a traffic violation and a large amount of drugs are found in the vehicle you can be charged with possession of a controlled [...]

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