Petitioning the Court for a Name Change

The first step in legally changing a child’s name in Texas is filing a petition with the court. This petition must include the child’s current name, desired new name, and reason for the name change. Additionally, information about the child’s parents and legal guardians must be provided.

Attending the Court Hearing

Once the petition is filed, a court hearing will be scheduled. During the hearing, the court will review the reasons for the name change and any objections raised. If the court approves the name change, a court order will be issued.

Obtaining Consent from Both Parents

It is important to note that both parents must consent to the name change. If the other parent does not consent, the requesting parent must provide a valid reason why their consent is not required. Valid reasons may include situations such as abandonment, incarceration, or a court order terminating the other parent’s rights.

Updating Documents

To complete the name change process, the child’s birth certificate, social security card, and other relevant documents must be updated. The court order approving the name change must be submitted to the Vital Statistics Unit of the Texas Department of State Health Services to update the birth certificate. The Social Security Administration must be provided with the court order to update the child’s social security card. Additionally, other relevant documents such as the child’s passport, school records, and medical records must be updated with the new name.

Consulting with an Attorney

Overall, changing a child’s name in Texas requires careful consideration and adherence to specific legal requirements. It is recommended that parents consult with an experienced family law attorney to ensure that the process is completed correctly and efficiently.

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