Texas law is not all that flexible about the issue of child support, but there are still some grey areas where a parent will absolutely require the support of a knowledgeable family law attorney. At the law offices of Sharita Blacknall, PC, you can turn to my years of experience and my steadfast dedication to clients in order to resolve any sort of child support issues, which I have seen occur at nearly any point in a child’s life.

After all, no one can ever anticipate just how much financial support is needed, and with support being paid from the time of the split or divorce of the parents until the child is 18 (or graduates high school), it may be necessary to modify the child support agreement. Consider too that child support may need to be reconsidered due to changes in a parent’s financial situation, change in career or earnings, and many other factors.

And it is not one-sided. Texas Family Code has guidelines for both parents to follow, addressing when, by whom, and how much support is paid. That means that both sides of the issue have legal recourse if changes are needed. Special circumstances can also allow a judge to review the issue and change child support.

Whether it is decreased, increased or kept at the originally agreed upon amounts, it is not an issue to handle on your own. If you are a parent seeking to resolve a child support issue, it can seem as if things cannot happen fast enough. These are matters that need to be resolved quickly and reasonably so I recommend you get in touch today to book a consultation and we can start to deal with this difficult matter right away.