Criminal Defense

From the moment you hire a criminal lawyer to help you with your charges, several things will start to happen right away (if you hire a good one). First, you will instantly feel a sense of relief. After all, you’ve got someone on your side who’s entire reason for existing is to get you out of trouble.

Second, things will start to happen immediately. Great criminal attorneys make their living by picking apart the cases built against their clients. The more holes we can poke in the prosecution’s case against you, the better the result will be. It starts with sifting through the police reports, witness statements, videos, physical evidence and anything else the prosecution has on your case.

And then we go to work and get everything else. We get the cops disciplinary histories and training records. We look into the background of witnesses. We track down anyone and everyone involved in the case. Once we’re done, we put together all of that information and use it to show the prosecutor why their case is a weak one.

But that’s not all. When you hire a great criminal defense lawyer, your anxiety lowers immediately. Whenever you start to feel a little nervous, you just pick up the phone and check in with your lawyer. And the good ones will check in with instead of always waiting for you to call them.

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