Regardless of how “amicable” a divorce or split might be one area that seems to become quickly contentious and even hostile is the issue of child custody. It is one of the most difficult matters to be resolved, and at The Blacknall Firm, you will find the professionalism and experience needed to help you with any area of custody law. Because most parents are hoping to prevent their children from experiencing the upset, turmoil, and emotional pain that a custody battle might cause, many first consider using the State of Texas standard possession schedule. Liberal and very clear, it is an excellent model, but it might also not be realistic for one or both parents. In fact, one or both may insist on a fuller measure of custody, and regardless of the reasons for such demands, it is a time when focused legal support becomes essential. While it is always possible to arrange or even modify child custody agreements through mediation, it may also end up in front of a judge. In some instances, it is necessary to determine the wishes of the children involved in equal measure to the needs of the parents. We ask parents the tough questions, make sure that children’s voices and needs are addressed, and try to help you find an equitable and healthy outcome. Custody issues are some of the most challenging, but as I like to say, “there’s more than one way to crack an egg”. If we cannot get to your goals right now, we can definitely work on plans to get you there in the future. If you are dealing with any sort of custody-related issue, please get in touch today to book a consultation and begin the process as effectively as possible.