Though most of us know that the divorce rate is high, we still head into a marriage determined that it will last. If a split comes, it is often accompanied by pain, anger, grief and so many other overpowering emotions. It also comes with the need to somehow navigate your way through “undoing” all the threads you tied when you married by getting a divorce.

Property division, spousal support, and child custody are but some of the amazingly stressful subjects you’ll find yourself dealing with and matters can go quickly from livable to nightmarish. At the law offices of Sharita Blacknall, PC, you will find the professionalism and experience needed to help you with any area of divorce law. Not only will you obtain the legal counsel so essential to the entire divorce process, but I will also be your advocate, support network, and teammate.

Sadly, there really is no such thing as a simple divorce. Even if the two of you have limited assets, no kids and very little to argue about, there are often issues that might drive you away from mediation and towards a courtroom. The more complex the marital assets or child custody demands, the more likely it is that you face a lengthy and stressful divorce.

So, whether you have just decided to call an end to your marriage or you are already separated and taking those painful and difficult “next steps”, I am here to support you through the emotional, legal and even intellectual challenges that some divorces create.

No matter how simple or how complex the divorce, I can give you the legal counsel needed. Get in touch today to book a consultation and begin the divorce process.