Here are the ranges for retainers.   These are only guidelines and your case may be more or less, depending upon your specific facts and case history.

Sex Crimes-$10,000-$100,000


Misdemeanors with no prior criminal history-$3,000-6,000

Misdemeanors with prior criminal history-$4,500-7,500

State Jail/ Third degree felony (No prior criminal history)-$4,500-$7,500

State Jail/ Third degree felony (Prior criminal history)-$6,000-$10,000

Second degree felony (No prior criminal history)-$7,500-12,000

Second degree felony (Pior criminal history)-$10,000-$25,000

First degree felony (No prior criminal history)-$7,500-$100,000

First degree felony (Prior Criminal history)-$10,000-$150,000

Probation violation (Technicals)-See prices above

Probation violation (Technicals and new offense)-See above prices for new offense and add one half the fee for the case on probation for.

Appeals-Start at $7,500