Preserve your wealth during your lifetime and for generations to come. Secure and protect your legacy.

At Generational Wealth Lawyers, we understand the complexities and difficulty inherent with securing your legacy and then protecting it. Preserving your wealth and ensuring that it is passed down to future generations requires savvy planning and legal expertise. In addition to ensuring that your legacy is available to your descendants, it is also crucial to minimize tax liability.

Accurate Solutions to Your Pressing Challenges

Left unprotected, your legacy could be put in jeopardy. Court probate, remarriages, and the prospect of financial devastation to your beneficiaries after a device are only a few of the myriad of threats. We offer solutions to your needs, from the creation of wills to establishing trusts to special needs planning, guardianships, probate and a great deal more.

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You’ve worked hard to create wealth and stability in your life. However, end of life challenges can wreak havoc on your legacy, leaving your beneficiaries with nothing but legal headaches and no future. We offer outstanding estate planning services to ensure this does not happen.

Real Estate


Your special needs family members must be protected and cared for during their lifetime. They also need medical care, emotional and financial support, and more. It is essential that you guarantee their personal needs are met throughout the remainder of their own lives, and Generational Wealth Lawyers can ensure that happens.

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Allowing your estate to go through court-mandated probate without an experienced hand guiding the situation can devastate your legacy through missteps, incorrect disbursements and distribution, will contestation and more. Protect your wealth and ensure it goes where you want it.

Lease Agreement


Worried that your minor children will not be provided with adequate future care? Concerned about what will happen if you, your spouse, or both die while your children are still minors? Without an appointed guardian, the court will choose and make decisions about their welfare that you might not approve.

Why Choose Generational Wealth Lawyers?

You simply cannot afford to take chances when it comes to planning your legacy, the creation of wills and trusts, appointing guardians for minor children or special needs dependents. At Generational Wealth Lawyers, we offer immense expertise and understanding, as well as in-depth legal and financial knowledge to guide you through.

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