Are you familiar with the ancient saying that “the only thing that is constant is change”? It is as true today as it was when that ancient Greek philosopher first uttered it, and it is why modification is a very common part of child custody and support issues. Things change, needs change, and people change. Because of this, modification may be an issue you face.

At the law offices of Sharita Blacknall, PC, clients in need of a modification or facing one from a former spouse or partner, can count on my years of legal skills to resolve the issue promptly.

I can tell you that far too many people experience such emotional upheaval during divorce and child custody or support issues that they leap at any chance to bring it to an end and accept what is, essentially, unacceptable. This can allow them to find themselves in a bind at some point in the future. Additionally, almost all Texas court orders relating to divorce and child custody or support fit the situation at the time, and are never actually indicators of future need.

What reasons can allow you to seek legal modification of your divorce or custody and support orders? The list is incredibly long and includes such common day experiences as remarriage, changes in your employment or earnings status, relocating, changes brought about by a child’s changing needs or schedule, problems between former partners relating to custody or support, and so much more.

Whether a modification is uncontested or contested by your former partner, I can use my years of courtroom experience, negotiations, and hard work to get the modification you seek. I have dealt with many complex divorces, marital property divisions, child support and child custody issues, visitation issues and spousal maintenance (alimony) matters. I have also had to discuss modification of some of these orders at a later time. I have the skills you require to see you through such matters. Please get in touch today to book a consultation and we can discuss your next steps.