Texas Family Code Section 1.101: The Basics

When it comes to marital relationships, not every union is recognized as valid under the law. Texas Family Code Section 1.101 specifically addresses void marriages in the state, detailing scenarios in which a marriage might not be legally acknowledged.

Understanding Void Marriages

A “void” marriage is one that is legally non-existent from the beginning. Such a marriage is considered void due to certain legal impediments preventing its validity. Recognizing and understanding what constitutes a void marriage is crucial for individuals to avoid potential legal complications.

Reasons a Marriage Might Be Considered Void

Several circumstances can render a marriage void in Texas. Some of the key reasons include:

  • Consanguinity: Marriages between close blood relatives.
  • Existing Marital Status: One or both parties are already married to someone else.
  • Impediments: Legal barriers that prevent a marriage from being recognized, such as certain age restrictions.

Implications of a Void Marriage

A void marriage has several legal ramifications:

  • Rights and Benefits: Parties in a void marriage may not be entitled to marital rights or benefits.
  • Division of Assets: In the case of a divorce or separation, division of assets can be complicated by the marriage’s void status.
  • Child Custody: Child custody battles can be affected by the legal standing of a marriage.

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