When you set foot in a shop or store, you expect to enjoy a safe, protected shopping experience. In fact, it’s the shop owner’s legal responsibility to provide you with safe conditions. This is an area of law called “premises liability”, or the responsibility of a property owner to provide you with safety while on their premises.

Premises liability extends to a very wide range of things, from slip and fall accidents in a grocery store aisle to tripping on uneven sidewalk cement in front of a store, and even protection from criminal activity while in a store.

However, the situation is not as clear cut as you might think, and recent changes to Texas laws due to the Texas Supreme Court’s interpretation of Austin v. Kroger have further muddied the waters.

In order to prove that the landowner/property owner had a duty of safety to you, the burden of proof is on you. Proving this requires that you actually prove four facts – the dangerous condition was unreasonable, the landowner knew or should have known about it, the condition was not open and obvious, and that you were unaware of the danger.

I have represented many clients in premises liability lawsuits and helped them find not only financial restitution to ease the burden of medical costs and care, but the peace of mind that comes only from true closure.

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