We tend to think of summer as a time for family vacations and fun in the sun. Maybe you’re headed to the Gulf Coast, or perhaps you’re just looking forward to more time with the family during the day when the kids would usually be in school. Summer is definitely a time for togetherness, but it’s also the time of year that more teens get into trouble with the law than any other during the year.

Why Are Teen Crimes Higher in Summer?

There are several reasons that teens commit more crimes during the summer than during the rest of the year. Some of these are obvious, such as the fact that they are out of school, with more time on their hands. However, there are other factors, as well, such as the following:

Free time without any activities to occupy themselves often leads to boredom.

Time spent with peers but with little or no adult supervision.

Peer pressure from friends and other teens.

More teens in the community as opposed to being in school or extra-curricular activities.

Extended daylight hours often mean homes are unattended for longer periods.

Extended daylight hours offer additional opportunities for crimes, particularly burglary and vandalism.

Warmer weather encourages people to leave doors and windows open, increasing the chance of crimes of opportunity.

Which Crimes Are Most Common for Texas Teens in the Summer?

Teens can commit the same range of crimes as adults in Texas, but there are some that stand out as being more common. These are discussed below:

Vandalism – Teens and young adults are much more likely to commit vandalism than adults are, and these crimes definitely increase during the summer due to many teens being without supervision during the majority of the day.

Burglary – Burglary rates increase during the summer, particularly breaking into automobiles. However, home burglaries also increase during this time of year due to greater opportunities presented by open doors and windows.

Assault – Assault rates for teens and young adults also climb during the summer months due to a lack of adult supervision.

These are the three most common crimes committed by Texas teens during the summer months, but others are also committed, such as sexual assault and domestic violence.

How Are Teens Tried in Texas?

If a teen is arrested under the suspicion of having committed a crime, the officer will take the teen to a processing office and then contact the parent(s) or guardian. Within 48 hours, there will be a detention hearing, during which a judge will determine if the teen will remain in detention or be released to his or her parent/guardian. From that point, the case will move on through the court system. However, teen crime cases are handled differently from adult cases, which makes it imperative that you work with an attorney experienced in Texas juvenile cases.

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