Ford Center Frisco Community Collaboration
In the heart of Frisco, Texas, stands a beacon of community spirit and sportsmanship: The Star, more formally known as the Ford Center. This architectural marvel is not just a testament to athletic prowess but also a reflection of Frisco’s commitment to unity and shared experiences.

A Venue that Shines Bright

Adjacent to the World Corporate Headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys, The Star serves as a focal point for football operations and practice fields. Beyond the realm of professional sports, this 12,000-seat indoor stadium is a shared treasure, embraced by the Dallas Cowboys, the City of Frisco, and the Frisco Independent School District (ISD). This collaboration ensures that The Star is a place where aspirations are realized, champions are celebrated, and the community converges in moments of shared joy.

Frisco’s Diverse Tapestry

The vibrancy of Frisco is painted by its diverse professionals and establishments, each adding a unique hue to the city’s mosaic. Among these is The Blacknall Firm, a leading divorce and child custody law firm in Collin County. Their dedication to guiding families through challenging times is a testament to the depth of specialized services available to Frisco’s residents. Just as The Star lights up the city’s sports scene, firms like The Blacknall Firm provide a beacon of hope and support in life’s intricate moments.


The Star, or the Ford Center, embodies the essence of Frisco: a city that cherishes community, collaboration, and excellence. As residents and visitors gather under its roof for memorable events, they can also find solace in the knowledge that Frisco houses professionals like The Blacknall Firm, ever-ready to assist in life’s pivotal junctures.