April 2024

How Does Texas Family Law Handle Property Division and Fraud in Divorce Cases?

Understanding the complexities of divorce and property division under Texas Family Code is essential for anyone going through these processes. This article outlines the legal distinctions between community and separate properties, how assets are divided, [...]

How Does Texas Law Address the Modification of Conservatorship Orders?

In the dynamic and often complex realm of family law, the modification of conservatorship orders is a critical aspect that reflects the changing circumstances of children and their families. The Texas legal framework, through a [...]

How Can I Get More Visitation Time With My Child If I Live Less Than 50 Miles Away in Texas?

Understanding the intricacies of family law in Texas is crucial for non-custodial parents looking to enhance their time with their children. Living within 50 miles of your child opens up legal avenues for expanded visitation [...]

March 2024

Can a Texas Court Overrule a Mediated Settlement Agreement?

In the realm of Texas family law, mediated settlement agreements (MSAs) are a cornerstone for resolving disputes, especially those involving the parent-child relationship. These agreements not only streamline the resolution process but also embody the [...]

Are You a Grandparent Seeking Visitation? What Must You Demonstrate?

In the complex landscape of family law, grandparents often find themselves in the challenging position of seeking visitation rights to maintain a relationship with their grandchildren. The journey through Texas Family Code §§ 153.432 and [...]

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