May 2023

Personal Injury Recovery in Divorce: Is It Community or Separate Property in Texas?

Divorce can be a challenging and complex process, especially when it comes to the division of assets. In Texas, determining whether a personal injury recovery is considered community or separate property is an important aspect [...]

Navigating the Financial Landscape of Divorce in Texas: Strategies for Success and Empowerment

  Money plays a crucial role in every divorce case in Texas. It involves various aspects such as identifying and dividing assets, dealing with debts, and planning for your financial future. This process can be [...]

Texas Appeals Court Affirms Discretionary Power of Trial Courts in Geographic Restrictions for Children’s Residence

  In a recent decision, the Texas Appeals Court supported the authority of trial courts in determining where children in custody cases can live. This ruling emphasizes the role of trial courts in making decisions [...]

April 2023

Standing Up for Your Rights as a Parent: A Comprehensive Guide to Filing a Motion to Enforce a Custody Order

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on filing a motion to enforce a custody order, where we will provide you with detailed insights and step-by-step instructions to help you navigate this important legal process. As dedicated [...]

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