October 2020

Remaining Brave In The Face of Challenges

Some truths of life are so simple to understand and yet so hard to accept. One of these truths is that life is a series of ups and downs. You have good days, and you [...]

September 2020

Visitation Enforcement in Texas : A Helpful Guide

Often, we think that after a divorce decree or custody order has been handed down by a judge, we can just get on with our lives. There’s a misconception that because things like visitation and [...]

Visitation Denial: Your Documentation Action Plan

While many divorced couples can put their differences aside and live relatively happy if separate lives, some cannot. Simmering resentment, hidden anger, attempts at getting revenge – all of these can come bubbling up to [...]

August 2020

Why Your Attorney Needs to Know Every Secret?

Today we've discussed Why Your Attorney Needs to Know Every Secret? in our post. We all have secrets that we hold onto for dear life. We do everything in our power to keep them hidden, [...]

July 2020

How to Handle Stress and Anxiety during Your Divorce

Divorce is rarely simple or easy. In fact, it’s often complicated, messy, and filled with challenges. For most people, it’s the single most stressful event they’ll ever go through. While there is no way to [...]

Types of Parental Rights in Texas

Today we've discussed Types of Parental Rights in Texas in our post. If you are in the process of a divorce, you may feel confused regarding your options for parental rights regarding your children. Understanding [...]

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