May 2024

Is the Court Enforcing or Modifying Property Division in a Texas Divorce Decree?

Understanding whether a court is enforcing or modifying property division in a Texas divorce decree is vital for those involved in such legal proceedings. The distinction is crucial because Texas law allows courts to enforce [...]

How Does the Court Determine If Property Division Terms in a Texas Divorce Are Clear or Ambiguous?

When disputes arise over the enforcement of property division terms in a Texas divorce decree, understanding how courts determine the clarity or ambiguity of these terms becomes crucial. Texas law treats these agreements as contracts, [...]

Can a Court Clarify or Modify the Property Division in a Final Divorce Decree?

When dealing with divorce decrees, a crucial distinction exists between a court's authority to clarify versus modify the property division outlined in a final decree. Understanding this distinction is essential for parties involved in a [...]

Does an Award of a Bank or Brokerage Account in a Divorce Authorize an Award of Interest on the Value of the Account?

Divorce proceedings often involve complex questions concerning the division of financial assets such as bank and brokerage accounts. A key issue that arises in Texas divorce law is whether an award of these financial accounts [...]

April 2024

How Do Waivers and Federal Formulas Affect the Calculation of Military Retirement Pay in Texas Divorces?

Divorce proceedings involving military personnel in Texas present unique challenges due to the specific federal laws and Texas statutes that govern the division of military retirement pay and other military benefits. This detailed exploration examines [...]

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