The Blacknall Firm is dedicated to arming families and individuals with essential insights into family law. One provision that families frequently grapple with is Texas Family Code Section 2.101, which pertains to parental rights and responsibilities. Let’s break down this fundamental statute.

What Does Section 2.101 Encompass?

Section 2.101 of the Texas Family Code sets the foundation for parental responsibilities towards their children. It establishes guiding principles that ensure the child’s best interests remain paramount.

Key Provisions of Section 2.101

This section is a comprehensive guide to parental rights and duties. Here are the more detailed insights into the critical aspects:

  1. Physical and Legal Custody:
    • Physical Custody: This determines where the child will live. It could be with one parent (sole custody) or shared between both parents (joint custody).
    • Legal Custody: This gives parents the authority to make crucial decisions regarding the child’s upbringing, such as their education, religious practices, and healthcare choices. Like physical custody, legal custody can be sole or joint.
  2. Visitation Rights:
    • The code ensures that a non-custodial parent has the right to spend time with their child.
    • It sets guidelines for regular, supervised, and electronic communication.
    • It also addresses special circumstances, like when a parent lives in a different state or when there’s a history of family violence.
  3. Support Obligations:
    • Both parents, regardless of custody arrangements, have a duty to financially support their child.
    • This section outlines how child support amounts are determined, the duration of support, and the methods of payment.
    • It also touches on provisions for healthcare and educational expenses.
  4. Decision-making:
    • Emphasizes that both parents should collaboratively make significant decisions for their child, ensuring their best interests.
    • In cases of disagreements, the section provides guidelines for mediation or court intervention to determine the best course of action.

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