Post-divorce, individuals might contemplate remarrying. While it’s a personal decision, there are legal guidelines to consider in the state of Texas. Here, we’ve summarized the rules governing remarriage after divorce.

1. Remarriage Timeframe (Sec. 6.801)

  • Third Parties: After a divorce is finalized, both parties must typically wait for at least 31 days before they can marry someone else.
  • Former Spouses: If ex-spouses decide to reconcile and remarry each other, there’s no waiting period; they can remarry immediately.

2. Waiver for Remarriage Prohibition (Sec. 6.802)

The court, under certain conditions, has the discretion to waive the standard 31-day prohibition against remarriage. If there’s a compelling reason, either or both spouses can be allowed to remarry sooner. However, for this waiver to be granted:

  • A detailed record of the court proceedings must be kept and preserved.
  • Alternatively, the court should file specific findings of fact and conclusions of law.

In Conclusion

While a period of self-reflection is often recommended post-divorce, legal stipulations also mandate a waiting period before remarriage. But remember, love and relationships are deeply personal matters, and while laws provide a framework, it’s essential to make decisions that feel right for you. For further advice or to discuss your specific situation, connect with The Blacknall Firm.