A temporary order hearing is a hearing that takes place during a Texas divorce case. It is a hearing where the judge will make temporary decisions about issues such as child custody, child support, spousal support, and use of property. These decisions are temporary because they only last until the final divorce hearing, where the judge will make permanent decisions.

The purpose of a temporary order hearing is to provide the spouses with some guidance and stability while they are going through the divorce process. It can help them make important decisions about their children and their finances until the final hearing.

To get a temporary order hearing, one spouse must file a motion for temporary orders with the court. The other spouse will then be served with the motion and given a chance to respond. The judge will then schedule a hearing to consider the motion and make temporary decisions.

Overall, a temporary order hearing is an important part of the Texas divorce process and can provide some much-needed relief for spouses who are going through a difficult time.