Divorce – it’s never a welcome word, but sometimes it is unavoidable. If, despite your best efforts and those of your spouse, you still just can’t make things work, it may be wise to dissolve your marriage. If you and your spouse are able to agree on everything, this is what’s called an agreed divorce, or an uncontested divorce, in the state of Texas. What should you know about it?

Do You Need to Agree to Everything?

In order to have an agreed divorce, you and your spouse will definitely need to agree on everything. This makes communication a critical consideration. It’s best if you and your spouse are able to sit down and work out the details on things including:

  • How property will be divided between you
  • Who will pay for legal fees
  • How parenting decisions will be handled if there is a child involved
  • The amount of child support and payment duration
  • How debts will be divided between you

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Remember – you and your spouse will need to agree on everything. Agreeing on “most” of the items in a divorce is not enough. If there is even one area where you two disagree, you’ll need to file for a contested divorce rather than an agreed/uncontested divorce.

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What Is the Difference between an Agreed Divorce and a Contested Divorce?

There are quite a few differences between an agreed divorce and a contested divorce in the state of Texas. One of those is the fact that with an agreed divorce, you avoid a lengthy court process. In most cases, you’ll sit down with your attorney, draw up the papers, and then both you and your spouse must sign them. The papers are sent to a judge who will look them over and sign them, thereby granting your divorce.

With a contested divorce, you and your spouse will both need your own attorneys, and you’ll be looking at in-person court appearances before the judge. The process can also take much longer with a contested divorce, preventing both of you from getting started with your new lives.

In the End

Ultimately, an agreed divorce is always preferable to a contested divorce. However, it does require that you and your spouse be on the same page about everything. You’ll also need an attorney to draw up the papers and handle the court-side process. If you’re about to go through a divorce, contact The Blacknall Firm to discuss your case and how we can help. Call us at 214-678-9111.

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