Divorce is hard enough on children. Add in the fact that their father may fall behind on child support payments, and things become even more complicated. And, if you choose to enforce that child support order, there’s a natural fear that the already strained relationship will be ruined. What should you a mother do in this situation?

Resentment Is Natural

First, understand that resentment on the part of the father may be unavoidable. However, it’s also important to realize that the situation is not your fault and not your children’s fault, either. The father needs to understand that the situation is of his own making and that you are only enforcing your rights and those of your child.

Is Visitation Affected?

One way that you can help to defuse the situation and ensure that your children are still able to have a strong relationship with their father is to allow visitation. To be clear, Texas law does not support withholding visitation when child support is behind, and if you do so, the father may have legal grounds against you. Plus, withholding visitation ultimately only hurts your children. However, the converse is also true. Simply because a father doesn’t see his children doesn’t equate to not having to pay child support.

However, if the father talks negatively about the child support to the children during his visitation you may have to get an injunction to prevent that from happening.

Consider Counseling

 While counseling might seem to be something that married couples go through, it can also be important for divorced spouses. This is particularly true when children are in the picture. Counseling can provide both of you with a way to air your grievances in a controlled environment. That will allow you to avoid fighting in front of the children. It will also help ensure that the father is able to enjoy a strong relationship with the kids.

While child support enforcement can lead to hard feelings, it is the father’s responsibility to provide financial support. Mother’s are doing nothing wrong when they enforce a right that is owed to their children.

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